Android P first Developers preview released! Are you ready for the next flavor of Android!

After a week of speculation on what the next version of Android P will offer, Google has released its first developer preview on next flavor of Android today – the Android P, though It is still not sure as what will be the official name for the android P flavor.


Android P is available to download manually from Android developer’s website or it can also be downloaded over-the-air for the Pixel Users. Pixels, being Google’s phones have the privilege of having the latest of build of Android.


As mostly speculated, Google has now re-designed for supporting notch cut-outs. After the release of Notch design by Apple, there has been many manufacturers who are adopting to this style in their future smartphones design.


It is still an early preview and not fit for regular use. The OS can cantain bugs which will prevent it from using it as a daily driver. However, it does gives a sneak peek at how the UI will look and what features we can expect for the final release.


We have listed down the top 10 most important changes we found in the OS build. Here they are:

1. Starting off with Notification Area, it the first thing we noticed. The Notification area has been redesigned to give a more minimal look. The icons are round in design and spacing looks more refined than previous versions.


2. The Notifications are richer than ever. For eg. The messages are now shown in the notification in the threaded view which will show not only message text, but images, links, video previews also.
Also the users will be able to reply in-line from the Notification center.


3. The Settings app design has also been overhauled and is more colorful this time. Each setting category is circular in design and has been assigned in new color.


4. The Display setting also allows developers to generate Notch on top of the design. Yes, Google has now adopted the notch cut-out design. Developers can generate different type of notches on top of the device so they can tweak or re-design their apps so as to accommodate the Notch cutouts.


5. On Home screen settings, Users has got back the option to customize the overall look of icons. The icons can now be shown Square, Circular, Squarcular or Teardrop design.


6. Google’s Allo and Duo apps are now pre-installed in the system.


7. The clock in Notification Area has now been moved to the left side of the screen. We are not pretty sure about this move of the Google. But yes, it is there.


8. The power button option is now optimized for the single-handed use. Long pressing the power button now opens a small nice popup aligning with the right edge of the screen which contains options for Shutdown or Restarting the device. It now also has a dedicated Screenshot shortcut. A Welcome move!


9. Similar to the power options, Volume options has also been optimized for single handed use. The popup comes right-aligned to the screen and contains options for adjusting the different volumes and to mute the device for incoming notifications.


10. Google has also raised the privacy level of the OS with this release. As per the new feature, Now Idle apps will not be able to collect the sensors data. For eg. If an app is being idle for a certain time, it won’t be able to collect data from microphone, camera etc. This is a great move by Google as reports of certain apps snooping on Users data had popped up in the past. Some apps were also reported to collect users voice samples in their idle state.
So these are the 10 most important features for the new build of Android P.


Let us know in comments what is your favorite feature is.

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